CVAG have registered an objection to application 21/00986 to build 226 houses in the woodlands at Beaufort Park. This site is in the woodland, just north of Nine Mile Ride, near the crematorium. The application is still pending consideration so if you wish to register an objection please go the BFC planning website.

Our objections are;

  • This area is identified as a part of the strategic gap, designated to prevent coalescence of Bracknell Town with the villages surrounding, including Crowthorne. Building 226 homes would significantly destroy its effectiveness. Although nominally an extension of Great Hollands it has no road connection to Great Hollands and the vehicular exit would be towards Crowthorne.
  • It’s an unsustainable location. There are no plans for shops, schools medical facilities etc, so residents would need to use cars for most day to day activities.
  • Destruction of habitat. The current woodland is admittedly rather scrubby, but its provides habitat for wide variety of species. The site sits close to the border of the special protection area, which is designated for protection of rare species such as nightjar and the dartford warbler. It is recognised that loss of this habitat could impact these birds.

A full copy of the CVAG objection can be seen here.

BFC have included this site in their draft local plan. CVAG have opposed its inclusion at every stage and will continue to oppose it when the plan comes before the external inspector for validation. For BFC planners to pre-empt that inspection and co operate with this applicant, prior to inspection of the local plan, appears to be an attempt to circumvent the democratic process.

CVAG Objection to application for 226 homes at Beaufort Park