Welcome to CVAG

Crowthorne has long been a pleasant place to live, a vibrant welcoming village set amongst woodland and open countryside, including parts of the old Royal hunting forests. These very qualities make Crowthorne an attractive target for developers. CVAG is a non-political residents association, seeking to balance the pressures for additional homes with conserving those features which make Crowthorne such a lovely place to live.

It’s always an uphill battle, but we do our best to bring balance to the dialogue and help residents ensure their voices are heard.

We hope this website helps you to understand more about Planning & Development in Crowthorne, and how you can influence it.

About CVAG

For 20 plus years the Crowthorne Village Action Group (CVAG), has provided an independent non-political voice for residents in  planning and development in Crowthorne Village. The fragmented nature of our village, covered in parts by 3 different Parish councils and 2 different borough councils- means that it is sometimes difficult for planners to consider the cumulative impact of developments on the village as a whole. We know that change is inevitable, necessary even. We seek to ensure that new developments are sympathetic to the existing environment and avoid urban sprawl. As a residents association we look at the village as a whole, lobbying for development that is proportionate and which has a supporting infrastructure for roads, schools, health provision and protection of the environment.

Our aims include;

  • Protecting the village against urbanisation, seeking to ensure that new developments are in keeping and are supported by appropriate improvements in local infrastructure.
  • Maintaining the distinct identity of Crowthorne Village, preventing urban sprawl and the coalescence of Crowthorne and Bracknell Town.
  • Providing information and guidance to the members of the village community who may wish to raise objections to planning applications, large or small.
  • Liaising with both Bracknell and Wokingham councils, reviewing and influencing planning policies which may have an impact on Crowthorne.
  • Maintaining contacts with major developers, working with them to achieve the best possible results for our community.

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