Wokingham District Council are considering 2 new applications , 190914 and 191068, for a total of 1600 new homes as part of the planned strategic development in an arc South of Wokingham. The original plan was to include a new distributor road which links Wokingham South, near Tesco’s to London Road, near Coppid Beech roundabout. Whilst the road is still planned, there is still no agreement on where it would join up at the Western end, near Tescos. Without this link we could have 1600 homes in what is effectively a large cul de sac, exiting on to the London Road, which would cause chaos. It’s important that new housing is delivered alongside improvements to infrastructure so CVAG are asking Wokingham Council to delay consideration of the applications until they have resolved and got permission for the link road. A copy of our objection can be seen here.

Wokingham Applications for 1600 Houses