Crowthorne Village Action Group

CVAG protecting our village against urbanisation

CVAG AGM meeting
We would like you to join us at our AGM on May 14th. It will take place at Woodmancote, Pinewood Avenue, Crowthorne, RG45 6RQ at 7.30pm. We need nominations for the committee and any resolutions to be added to the agenda by April 30.. As always we are keen to have new blood on our committee to protect our village’s future. A provisional list of nominations will be distributed by the middle of April. We have recently co-opted an active member of POW3Rs (a Hatch Ride Group) onto the CVAG committee.. Nominations and proposals shall be nominated and seconded on the approved forms available from the Secretary [phone 01344 774 367].
Following the general business and reports by committee officials, that should be completed by 8pm, there will be a talk by the planning consultant Emily Temple on the subject of “Householder developments – proposals and objections”. After Emily’s talk we are sure you would like to engage with us in an open discussion of the issues facing our village in the near future.
South Wokingham Community Forum
WBC has regular forums for residents to progress and discuss plans. The latest progress meeting of the South of Wokingham development was on March 25th. A brief update on how it might affect Crowthorne follows:
Because of current and future travel and transport challenges, WBC is projecting to get people out of cars by providing alternatives on the web and smart phones to deliver real-time data for trains, buses and motorways called “My Journey”.
In addition a project Greenways is to run over 10-15 years to link all the towns in the borough with hard surface paths for walking and cycling with a dirt ride at the side for horses: The first phase will be Shinfield to Arborfield to South Wokingham. It was pointed out they had missed out Wokingham Without! They asked for suggestions and will include them on the plan.

After this winter’s major flooding difficulties WBC are now planning for the future. However new legislation is coming in October 2014 with the Flood & Water Management Act:  The country will be divided into cross authority/county areas. Each are will have a lead local flood authority. Areas have been highlighted within the current WBC territories that are of particular concern to Crowthorne.
Firstly Wellingtonia roundabout where it is still uncertain what caused the flooding, and secondly Crowthorne, as a major flood site is being investigated.
April 2014 Update

Note: Thames Water is responsible for drainage and sewage in our area. It is a statutory consultee on planning applications with powers to enforce land owners to maintain ditches etc..

There will also be a chance to take further talk with us at the Crowthorne Carnival on Morgan Rec. on July 5th

CVAG Committee